ALL KEY lost Audi A6 C7 Video:

Important information about Special Interface with BCM2 activation.


As a result of changes beyond our control, the ALL KEY LOST file calculation process for cars after 2013 was extended by a few hours, and the price of one calculation is now EUR 500. (applies to A6 C7, A7, A8 D4, 2011-2018) and (A4, A5, Q5 2013-2018)+ 



Adding a key is still supported and requires no additional steps and is free of charge. Everything is done via OBD. Also for cars after 2013 *

*Except for bcm2 with SW 711


List of available activations and functions for  OBD SPECIAL INTERFACE :

1) BCM2

  • Read / Edit / Write data by OBD.
  • Learn key.
  • One click for „ELV OFF” by OBD (cars with BCM2 with sw 400 or higher)
  • Clone BCM2 by OBD.
  • Audi A4, A5, Q5, 2008-2013 ALL KEY LOST by OBD FREE
  • Check and fix errors.
  • Check BCM2 – ELV synchronization status
  • Decode data – Component Security, MAC, PIN, VIN, Keys, ELV Status
  • Alarm OFF/ON
  • Reading the necessary data for calc KEY FILE.
  • ADD KEY For ALL models 2008-2018 by OBD!  (except for the version 711 bcm2)

 2) Simos PCR2.1 – (VAG 1.6TDI CR)

  • Read/Write / Decode IMMO DATA.
  • Read/Write EPROM / FLASH
  • AUTOMATIC CLONING IMMO DATA. After clone ecu is ready to start car.
  • Update flash sw with FRF from server.
  • Unlock for OBD flashing.
  • Change Power CLASS
  • Clone Decode IMMO DATA also WITHOUT ORI FLASH or CPU ID!( Required additional paymant 10euro)

3) Cluster A6 C7, A7, A8 D4 ,Touareg 2010+*

  • Read / Write EPROM by OBD.
  • Odometer value change by OBD.
  • Transfer Component Protection data.
  • Fix “DEF” error by OBD.

*Some Old version cluster (black/with screen) are not supported.


  • Read / Decode / Write EPROM / FLASH and  IMMO data by OBD or bench.
  • Transfer IMMO data
  • Odometer value change.
  • Read component security/ PIN/ MAC
  • Read CS in CARFTER ecu by OBD.


Bosch: EDC15 all types,  EDC16 all types, ME7.5, MED9.1, MED9.5, MED9.5.10.

MM: 4HV, 5AF, 7GV    Simos: 3.3, 3PA, 3PB, 7.1, 9.1….and more


5) ELV / Kessy A6 C6, Q7 ,Pheaton + Comfort Passat B6.

  • Read / Change / Write EPROM.(with working key)
  • Decode IMMO data
  • Read Component Security, PIN, MAC ,Immo status.
  • Read key ID.
  • Key learning.

6) RB4, RB8 Encrypted/Non encrypted Cluster

  • Read / Write IMMO Data by OBD.
  • Fix ” DEF” error by OBD.
  • Odometer value change.
  • Key learning.
  • Cluster CLONE.

7) Mercedes ECU RENEW ( free modul for Standard, MAXIMB and FULL sets)

  • Read Personalization Data
  • Read Stored KEY Hashes
  • Read / Generate Special Service KEY
  • Renew ALL ECUs without OPEN.
  • TP Erasing

Supported ECUS: ALL FBS3 .

Bosch: EDC15c5, EDC15c6, EDC16 ALL ,EDC17 ALL Types, ME9.7, MED17,  ME2.8 , CR2, CR3, CR4, CR4.30, CR5, CR6, CR60,

Delphi CRD2.30, CRD2.35, CRD2.61, CRD3.10, CRD3.PB0, CRD3.5

Siemens: SIM266, SIM277, SIM4 LE, SIM4 LKE, SIM4 KE2.0, and more…


8) Mercedes ELV / ESL

  • Read / Change / Write stored data.
  • UNLOCK / OPEN damaged ELV without OPEN.
  • Read / Generate SERVICE KEY.
  • Automatic Generate ELV password for 204,207,212 by writing.
  • Read / Write  ELV EMULATOR.
  • Personalization and Activation
  • TP Erasing
  • W246 BGA or NEC – read,write,renew by OBD!

9) Mercedes Gearbox / Selector

  • Read KEY hashes.
  • Read / Generate Service KEY
  • RENEW / VIRGIN gearbox (all types FBS3)
  • Read / Renew / Unlock ESM / EWM selector ( W215, W220, W230) by OBD!
  • Renew / Unlock ISM / DSM
  • TP Erasing

Supported Gearbox :

VGS Nag2 , Nag3 , 7GTronic, Selectors ISM / DSM, ESM / EWM