NEW Activations for VAG READY:

  • BCM2 – read,write,repair,clone BCM2 by OBD. ELV off by OBD
  • PCR2.1 – Read/change IMMO data. Clone ECU immo data/ UNLOCK ECU,  READ WRITE FLASH by OBD, Repair defective  data.  UPDATE FLASH from SERVER!- POWER CLASS CHANGE

  • DASH A6 C7,A7,A8 D4,Touareg 2010+ read/write EPROM by OBD, adjust mileage by OBD,transfer CP ,repair DEF by OBD

Choose one or more activations and included OBD INTERFACE!


Reading, RENEW and saving functions


ELV / ESL - steering lock control

Features testing functions

Thanks to our device you have the possibility to test all elements on the table. Ignition switch, ELVs , engine control unit, transmission and key controller.

100% guarantee that the key, ignition, lock or other element added or renewed is assigned and works correctly!

You can add an ignition to the car in which, for example, there is no original ignition station. The same applies in case of the absence of other original elements.

Generating Password: if we have a working key and if all keys are lost:

Calculation of the password from the EIS station and the operating key (online – NO additional fees !!)

NOW NEW OBD INTERFACE with Activations to select

You can buy OBD INTERFACE with one or more activations.

OBD Interface hardware can be with 1,2,3 or all additional activations.



ADDITIONAL MODULES that can be added to MB set or to obd interface

BCM2 OBD activation

  • Read/change,repair,clone data by OBD!! Also for those from after 2014 (required working key)
  • ALL models with BCM2
  • After reading bcm2, the program automatically shows VIN, CS, MAC, all saved keys, the pin number, the synchronization status, the vehicle type and the model
  • Read,repair write data by OBD !!!
  • Verifying the correctness of synchronization with ELV block
  • ELV OFF by OBD
  • Clone BCM2 by OBD)

PCR2.1 activation

-Read,decode IMMO data.
-Fix IMMO data.
-Clone/transfer,change immo data.
-No need other tools.

DASH A6 C7,A7,A8 D4,Touareg 2010+ Activation

-READ /write eprom by OBD.
-Adjust mileage by OBD.
-Transfer CP by OBD.
-Repair DEF by OBD.

Vag engine ECU -IMMO DATA ADAPTATION- CS, MAC, Vin, Pin , keys- Activation

Reading, modification, saving IMMO data record in EDC15, EDC16, EDC17, MED9.5, MED17,Simos and MM controllers . Multiple ECUS can be read after OBD

VAG ELV kessy

ELV service in Audi A6 c6, q7 and kessy in Touareg, Pheaton, A8. Immo data editor, key transfer, CS, MAC, VIN, pin

All remaining brands not listed above included in one package

Bentley, Infinity, Iveco, Lamborgini, Nissan, Opel, Porsche Renault together