List of possible activation


The main functions of the device when ALL KEYS ARE LOST:

  • Read/extract immo data from BCM2 with ENCRYPTED / LOCKED NEC (2012-2018) No need working key! ALL AUDI with BCM2 IMMO5 system+ Touareg 2010+
  • Read,extract immo data+ program dealer key and learn key in LAMBORGHINI 2011-2019
  • Read / decode / edit / write data in BCM2 2008-2012 by OBD!
  • Decode data –  CS, MAC, PIN, VIN, Keys, ELV Status.
  • Prepare “dealer key”
  • Learn key by OBD
  • ONE CLICK SYNCHRO DATA for A6, A7, A8 – Get synchronization data with 1 button ( additional paymant requierd )
Additional functions of the device when we have a WORKING KEY:
  • Clone BCM2 by OBD. (2008-2017)
  • Clone BCM2 on BENCH ( 2013-up)
  • Add KEY by OBD ALL MODELS 2008-2018 ( except bcm2 sw711 that need be on bench )
  • Check and fix BCM2 ERRORS by OBD ( errors like : Steering defective do not drive,no ignition,bcm2 fault)
  • Check BCM2 – ELV synchronization status
  • Alarm OFF/ON


How to get synchro data for Audi A6,A7,A8?

  1. Read BCM2 with our device ( OBD or BENCH mode)
  2. Click “Synchro data order” you will be redirected to the store where you should make the payment(120 EUR Audi cars) by specifying the VIN of the car for which you need “Synchro data”.
  3. After about 30-60 minutes you you can execute preparing dealer key with ur device … The server will automatically find the data you ordered and prepare the dealer key with necessary synchro.
  4. Last step is KEY LEARNING direct in CAR

Simos PCR2.1 – (VAG 1.6 TDI CR)

Also available separately OBD INTERFACE + PCR2.1 license
  • Read/Write / Decode IMMO DATA.
  • Read/Write EPROM / FLASH
  • AUTOMATIC CLONING IMMO DATA. After clone ecu is ready to start car.
  • Update flash sw with FRF from server.
  • Unlock for OBD flashing.
  • Change Power CLASS
  • Clone Decode IMMO DATA also WITHOUT ORI FLASH or CPU ID!( Required additional paymant 10euro)


  • Replace immo parts by OBD.
  • Adopt used parts and check status by OBD.
  • Support exchange ECU, TCU, ELV in Audi Immo 5 cars.
  • Support exchange ELV by OBD.


(Only for users who have our OBD INTERFACE and PROGRAMMER)

  • READ/WRITE FULL data from MEDC17 ECUs without OPENING
  • Read,write MAPS
  • Automatic CRC calculation for INTERNAL/EXTERNAL FLASH
  • Automatic CRC for EPROM
  • VAG IMMO DATA Decoder/Viewer
  • Automatic Cloning FUNCTION for VAG. Also for ECUs with OTP sectors

Cluster A6 C7, A7, A8 D4 ,Touareg 2010+*

Also available separately OBD INTERFACE + CLUSTER A6 C7, A7, A8 D4 ,Touareg 2010+ LICENSE

  • Read / Write EPROM by OBD.
  • Odometer value change by OBD.
  • Transfer Component Protection data.
  • Fix “DEF” error by OBD.

*Some Old version cluster (black/white screen) are not supported.


  • Read / Decode / Write EPROM / FLASH and  IMMO data by OBD or bench.
  • Transfer IMMO data
  • Odometer value change.
  • Read component security/ PIN/ MAC
  • Read CS in CARFTER ecu by OBD.


Bosch: EDC15 all types,  EDC16 all types, ME7.5, MED9.1, MED9.5, MED9.5.10.

MM: 4HV, 5AF, 7GV    

ELV / Kessy A6 C6, Q7 ,Pheaton + Comfort Passat B6.

  • Read / Change / Write EPROM (with working key)
  • Decode IMMO data
  • Read Component Security, PIN, MAC ,Immo status.
  • Read key ID.
  • Key learning.

RB4, RB8 Encrypted/Non encrypted Cluster

  • Read / Write IMMO Data by OBD.
  • Fix ” DEF” error by OBD.
  • Odometer value change.
  • Key learning.
  • Cluster CLONE.

Mercedes ECU RENEW ( free modul for Standard, MAXIMB and FULL sets)

  • Read Personalization Data
  • Read Stored KEY Hashes
  • Read / Generate Special Service KEY
  • Renew ALL ECUs without OPEN.
  • TP Erasing

Supported ECUS: ALL FBS3 .

Bosch: EDC15c5, EDC15c6, EDC16 ALL ,EDC17 ALL Types, ME9.7, MED17,  ME2.8 , CR2, CR3, CR4, CR4.30, CR5, CR6, CR60,

Delphi CRD2.30, CRD2.35, CRD2.61, CRD3.10, CRD3.PB0, CRD3.5

Siemens: SIM266, SIM277, SIM4 LE, SIM4 LKE, SIM4 KE2.0, and more…

Mercedes ELV / ESL

  • Read / Change / Write stored data.
  • UNLOCK / OPEN damaged ELV without OPEN.
  • Read / Generate SERVICE KEY.
  • Automatic Generate ELV password for 204,207,212 by writing.
  • Read / Write  ELV EMULATOR.
  • Personalization and Activation
  • TP Erasing
  • W246 BGA or NEC – read,write,renew by OBD!

Mercedes Gearbox / Selector

  • Read KEY hashes.
  • Read / Generate Service KEY
  • RENEW / VIRGIN gearbox (all types FBS3)
  • Read / Renew / Unlock ESM / EWM selector ( W215, W220, W230) by OBD!
  • Renew / Unlock ISM / DSM
  • TP Erasing

Supported Gearbox :

VGS Nag2 , Nag3 , 7GTronic, Selectors ISM / DSM, ESM / EWM