Full set with program activation for all supported brands and modules.


Actual functions/activations list inkl in FULL ALL Brands Set:

1.Dash A6 C7, A7 ,A8 D4,Touareg 2010+
2.BCM2 read,write,by OBD. ELV OFF by OBD. Clone-change data by OBD. *(without bcm2 with sw711)
3.PCR2,1 – Read ,write ,repair, update flash and CLONE  ECU PCR2.1. !!
4.Mercedes EIS
5.Merecedes ESL
6.VAG RB4,RB8 functions

7.Mercedes ML163 DAS
8.PSG 16 Opel ECU
9.Opel IMMO 1
10.VAG Ecu ME7/9
11.Renault ECU (sirius 32/34, EMS)
12.NEC VDO Dashboard
13.Nissan 12 digit immo calc
14.Nissan , Infinity immo calc
15.Iveco MS6.x immo data
16.Renault calculator
18.AUDI A6 Kessy (C6 ,Q7, Touareg)
19.VAG ECU Magneti MArelli
20.VW Touareg key learning
22.Passat B6 key learning
23.Audi A8 key learning (D3)
24.VAG ECU Adaptatnion EDC16
25.VAG ECU adaptation ME7/9
26.VAG ECU Adaptation Magneti Marelli
27.VAG ECU Adaptation CRAFTER edc16
29.ECU EDC15
30.VAG Simos 3PB

31.Nissan NATS5

32.Renault keys/cards learning
33.Porsche Alarm system (2003-2010)



2,800.00  2,600.00 

Part no. KP3


Includes a MaxiMb set with full program activation for all supported brands and modules:

  • Interface OBD
  • Programmer + Power adapter NEW type with BENCH EDC17 Special Functions
  • Key Adapter-Adapter for READ, RENEW KEYS NEC memory. (ALSO Keyless Go Type Renew)
  • Key holder – adapter for reading / saving data in keys via IR
  • IR cable reader- IR key with cable for operating stations
  • a suitcase
  • 2 sets NEW version cable adapter – the adapter for convenient connection of EZS, elv ,ECUS,Gearbox modules,ISM modules on the table
  • Gateway emulator – for handling W169, w164, w211, W209 on the table
  • BE-type key – 3 buttons – repeated use – programming, erasing via IR

This key replaces all types of keys between 2000-2014.

It is possible to change the frequency 315 / 433Mhz from the program level.


Download and check software…




Access to Whatsapp support groupe.

Extension Activations for INTERFACE OBD:

NEWEST function:


-From 25.01.2021 BENCH FULL ECU READ,WRITE + CRC for EDC17 without opening !!!! All brands EDC17.


  • Dash A6 C7,A7,A8 D4,Touareg 2010+
  • BCM2 (read,write by OBD) ADD key for Audi 2008-2018 by OBD!
  • PCR2.1
  • Vag ELV Kessy module for A6 C6, Q7
  • Vag Engine Ecu immo – Edc15,EDC16, MED9
  • RB4 and RB8
  • AND all other functions inkl in software.


KeymasterPoldiag full all brands is MOST powerfull set.

1 Year subscription free.


Additional information

Extension modules

Vag BCM2 modul, Vag Dashboard immo data modul, Vag elv and Kessy modul, Vag Engine ecu modul


Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz


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