Keymaster Poldiag- multifunctional set / suitcase for programming keys and immobilizer systems in Mercedes cars.


Part no. KP1


The STANDARD set includes:

  • Interface OBD
  • Programmer + Power adapter
  • Key Adapter-Adapter for reading NEC memory
  • Key holder – adapter for reading / saving data in keys via IR
  • IR cable reader- IR key with cable for operating stations
  • a suitcase

In addition to each set goes with 1 piece of of NEC memory. An elv emulator that can repair most types of ELV.
From the program level you can freely configure it and use it as a normal working system or as an ELVemulator.

The Keymaster Poldiag set is sold with a one-year subscription for all functions for the Mercedes brand (- possibility to expand with subsequent modules, activation at any time of use).

Additional information

Extension modules

Vag BCM2 modul, Vag Dashboard immo data modul, Vag elv and Kessy modul, Vag Engine ecu modul




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