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Revolutionary Solution: Reading Secured MCU in VAG MQB Instrument Clusters .

Support for Both VDD and JCI

Our solution supports both VDD and JCI, which means that you can rest assured that it will work with your VAG MQB instrument cluster. This means that you can have access to your vehicle’s data even if your key is damaged, lost, or stolen.

Edit Immo Data and Mileage with Keymaster PolDiag MQB

But that’s not all. We also offer Keymaster PolDiag MQB, which allows you to edit immo data and mileage. 

Our solution is a game-changer in the automotive industry. With our expertise and innovation, we have developed a solution that no other company can match. 

Keymaster PolDiag as the FIRST in the WORLD has developed a method for full reading data from  BCM2 with the LOCKED / ENCRYPTED NEC chip. We have created a solution that safely reads and decode even the latest BCM2 modules with IMMO 5 system.
In addition, it has a number of refined functions in the field of BCM2 ,ELV and key programming elements in the VAG group .


We try to develop our equipment both in the VAG and Benz groups.
PolDiag MaxiMB set for Benz cars support  programming the KEY, EIS, ELV ,ECU, TCU with FBS3 system. It is currently the most powerfull MB Key programming device on the market.


One of our bestsellers is the OBD INTERFACE device with a license for reading, writing and cloning Continental PCR2.1 engine controllers.


Our experience in the automotive electronics repair industry has contributed to the creation of a device that works perfectly and is used by users around the world.

The team of programmers and engineers tries to choose the best development direction so that the delivered solutions are in line with market needs.


We have a range of immo and security programming solutions available. See what you can add to PolDiag OBD INTERFACE  and PROGRAMMER.